Bailey’s General Store Trademarks Name, Logo

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

Bailey’s General Store has trademarked its name and logo after more than 100 years of operation on Sanibel Island. A staple of the Sanibel community, Bailey’s General Store is the oldest family-owned business in Lee County. The trademarks will aid in the preservation of a brand that has been an integral part of the growth of Sanibel Island.

When Frank Bailey opened the store in 1899, he was able to bring necessities to the island’s residents including farming supplies – even mules! The store has endured a lot over the years, surviving The Great Depression, both World Wars, and many hurricanes. In fact, the store actually blew away in 1926 during a hurricane but that didn’t break their spirit or love for their community. They rebuilt the store and have expanded to include a location at Sundial Resort and most recently, acquired the Island Store on Captiva.

“With the help of family friend Lew Gould and Duane Morris LLP, we are excited to officially trademark our logo, which represents our commitment to the community and our visitors since 1899,” said Calli Johnson, fourth-generation owner-operator. “This is meaningful to us because it further ensures Bailey’s as one of the many historical businesses and families on the islands in the past and present.”

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