Bikes On Beach, Recreation Assessment Among Council Agenda Items

SC Staff Report

Sanibel City Council will convene its next regular meeting at 9 a.m. Tuesday, June 7 in MacKenzie Hall at City Hall, 800 Dunlop Rd. The final work plan of the recreation comprehensive assessment and bikes on the beach are among agenda topics of interest.

In May, council discussed increased bicycle traffic on the beach and raised safety concerns for other beachgoers. The discussion included potential merits of banning all bikes or only electric bikes. Ultimately, council decided to have a draft ordinance prepared prohibiting only e-bikes on the beach. That draft ordinance is on the agenda for further discussion and direction.

Council approved an agreement with Berry Dunn McNeil & Parker in January to complete a recreation comprehensive assessment. The project kicked off in February with the goal to reimagine all components of Sanibel’s Recreation Department, which includes the Recreation Center, Center4Life and outdoor sports programs, to meet the needs of all residents.

Since February, there have been a series of community engagements from focus groups of about 40 people, an open house at the Recreation Center with more than 200 people attending and a booth at the Farmer’s Market with about 100 people participating to social pinpoint online engagement tools.

The next step in the engagement phase is an emergent themes workshop facilitated by the BerryDunn team with recreation department staff to discuss how the department can respond to issues raised during the community engagement process.

And the work plan includes a city council visioning workshop in August to possibly be held in the evening at city council chamber. The workshop will be facilitated by the BerryDunn team.

The draft final report is scheduled to be presented to council in its October meeting.

Other agenda items of interest:

– Second readings and public hearings for two Evaluation and Appraisal Reports – Peril of Flood and Property Rights. They are required amendments to the Sanibel Plan to comply with state statutes. An ordinance was drafted and passed a first reading in May.

– Second reading and public hearing on a Land Development Code amendment of emergency electrical power generators and HVAC standards. The change will make it easier for homeowners whose properties have been developed to the maximum coverage to install a generator or HVAC by applying for a waiver.

– Consideration of approving a resolution to appropriate $112,480 for repairs to structures at the Sanibel Historical Museum.

View the full council agenda

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