Botana Indicates More Aid For Sanibel

by SC Reporter Wendy McMullen

Councilman Dr. Scott Crater, left, Vice Mayor Mike Miller, Senator Jonathan Martin, Mayor Richard Johnson, State Rep. Adam Botana, Lobbyist Angela Dempsey, and council members Holly Smith and John Henshaw

Florida Representative Adam Botana suggested there would be additional state aid for Sanibel in the next legislative session at Tuesday’s Sanibel City Council Meeting.

He reminded city council the state had provided $300 million in appropriations and $115 million of that is for district 80 which runs from Immokalee Road in North Naples to Boca Grande.

In addition to that, the state allotted $76 million for infrastructure, part of which were used to quickly repair the Sanibel Causeway. Other bridges which needed repair included the bridge to Estero Island and the bridge at Matlacha leading to Pine Island.

“This is money that we have for our constituents right now for your people,” Botana told City Council. “And just to let you know that we will be back in session in September, so we’ll probably have a whole other session. We’ll keep going.”

City council members thanked Botana for his support and, as Mayor Richard Johnson put it “carrying the water.” Vice Mayor Mike Miller also thanked Representative Botana, but reminded him the need would be ongoing.

“We’re starting in our budgeting process and looking at the various items of revenue loss. I want to make the point this is not a short term problem,” Miller said. “This problem will be with us for several years. So we appreciate your help in the past and look forward to your support in the future.”

Republican Adam Botana is Vice Chairman of the Select Committee on Hurricane Resiliency and Recovery and Chief Floor Whip.

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