Captiva Progressing In Storm Recovery

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

The Captiva Community Panel, and advisory board to the Lee County Board of County Commissioners, shared a Hurricane Ian recovery progress report on Saturday, Oct. 8:

• Captiva Fire Department had two trucks plus a water tanker fire truck delivered on Thursday, Oct. 6, and two additional trucks from the Fort Walton Fire Department were delivered Friday, Oct. 7. The Fort Walton FD will relieve the Captiva FD two days a week. Therefore, there is twice as much firefighting capabilities than under normal conditions.

• Island Water has charged the fire hydrants for all of Captiva up to the main marina at South Seas Island Resort.

• Lee County Electric Cooperative had one bucket truck, one fuel derrick, and a digger truck delivered on Thursday and 24 more-line trucks were delivered Friday. LCEC is also setting up their own barge system as they will have “a lot more trucks and equipment coming.” The five lines down were lines from the substation to SSIR. And there may be additional lines down within SSIR.

They have determined the substation in north Sanibel was submerged so they have some equipment they need to repair and are working on this now. Tricia Dorn from LCEC will speak with the Captiva Community Panel on Tuesday, Oct. 11.

• The National Guard picked up and left island on Thursday early morning. The Lee County Sheriff’s Office has eight more deputies and equipment on island to assist Captiva and Sanibel. Lt. Sawicki is currently meeting with those teams to discuss security logistics. He has agreed Blind Pass will be a security checkpoint 24/7 going forward. LCSO is planning to add more deputies, as well, after phase one is established.

• Fuel tanks are operational, all concerns with water have been fixed. The Captiva Community Panel is working on a supply answer until the bridge is fixed. The Panel should have this completed by end of next week.

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