Current Events Presenting Special Panel On Challenges To Democracy

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Sanibel Current Events will present a special panel on “Political and Social Polarization: The Challenges to Democracy” with Janice Gross Stein and Porter Goss from 10 to 11:30 a.m. Tuesday, March 15 via Zoom.

Pundits and ordinary citizens alike are aware of the intensifying political and cultural polarization in America and worldwide. Partisan conflict in the U.S. today seems to be sharper, more unrelenting, and more ideological than at any time since the Civil War. This deepening of difference and division has reached the point of precluding mutual civility and respect.

What dangers does this pose for politics and society? Is democracy able to co-exist with this level of polarization? What strategies might help address the challenges for governance, our communities, and in our own personal lives?

Guest Speakers: 

Janice Gross Stein: Canadian political scientist, author and scholar; specialist in Middle East studies, negotiation theory, and international conflict management; Founding Director, Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy

Porter Goss: American statesman, Sanibel’s first Mayor; GOP Member of Congress for SW Florida ’88-’04; Director of Central Intelligence ’04-’05 and first CIA Director ’05-’06; private consultant on international security since ‘07

Moderator: Millard Everhart, Resident Judge of the Fifth Circuit Court in Toledo, Illinois, 2002-2016

The session is designed to be informative and interactive. Professor Stein and Porter Goss will share their views, exchange comments with each other, and then invite questions and comments from all participants.

Register for a free zoom invitation to this special session of Current Events by email to Jon Gustafson at Register by Friday, March 11.

Current Events Sanibel has been meeting at 10 a.m. Mondays for more than 40 years.. Because of the pandemic it has been meeting via Zoom. The group hopes to resume live meetings in the fall of this year

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