LETTER TO EDITOR: In Support of Mike Miller

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To the Editor:
I write to support the candidacy of Mike Miller for City Council. The two issues that are most important to me as a long-time Sanibel voter are ethical leadership and the vision of the City.

Mike is a proven leader in the community. He has successfully served several local organizations, including TOGETHER—A Way Forward, and has a deep knowledge of City issues through his long-time civic engagement. I see him as a person with a strong moral compass and keen ethical judgement who will be prepared for whatever comes our way as a local government.

Sanibel faces and shall continue to face intense pressure for development and redevelopment. As time goes by, we see, more and more, how precious our community is. Maintaining our character and our commitment to wildlife and natural habitats is an ongoing process of education and vigilance. Mike’s effective leadership of Committee of the Islands (COTI) demonstrates his commitment to the vision of Sanibel as a sanctuary. We need Council Members who understand that the Sanibel Plan and the Sanibel Vision are a living guide to decision-making on behalf of future generations.

Peter Blaze Corcoran

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