LETTER TO EDITOR: Three Candidates Augment Current Council Strengths

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Dear Editor:

In this upcoming City Council election Sanibel voters have the opportunity to form a council that can strengthen our communities most important tenet, “Sanctuary Island”. Currently we have in place two excellent leaders that bolster that core value in Deputy Mayor Holly Smith and Councilman Richard Johnson. We have seen Deputy Mayor Smiths’ extraordinary work ethic to keep Sanibel safe and healthy as well as her protection of our natural resources. During this pandemic we have seen Councilman Johnsons’ tireless efforts in support of our local retailers, restaurants and resorts. The Johnson and Bailey families have worked tirelessly to conserve our Island culture and lifestyle.

We have three candidates that have validated their support for the Sanibel Plan and who have the education, experience and expertise to augment the current council members strengths.

John Henshaw has 45 years of proficient experience in working with state and federal government representatives, officials and their staffs. He is the best candidate to represent Sanibel in its continuing quest for clean water including the reduction and elimination of Lake Okeechobee releases and the restoration of our marine habitat.

Mike Miller, as a Florida attorney, Chief Financial Officer and Certified Public Accountant has the proven capability and know how to preserve and continue the financial strength that Sanibel requires. His involvement with many organizations including Committee of the Islands and the Sanibel Bike Club demonstrates his unwavering commitment to the Sanctuary Island principle.

Dr. Scott Crater has the scientific background that will be a great addition to council. Now, more than ever, in the midst of a pandemic and ongoing environmental crises; Our council will be enhanced by Dr. Crater, a Physician who’s record demonstrates that following the science is the best method in the search for solutions. Dr. Crater also brings the desirable youth and experience of raising and educating three children on island.

Please help create our new council and support these three candidates to keep our Island as a Sanctuary for our near future.

Robert Brooks

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  1. I agree with Robert Brooks, & believe that Mike Miller, Dr. Scott Crater, & John Henshaw are the best qualified candidates & will do the most good for Sanibel & our community.

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