LETTER TO EDITOR: Now Not Time to Relax COVID Precautions

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To the editor,

Sanibel’s COVID-19 policy has been a great success so far. The city council and staff have worked assiduously to implement and continuously refine COVID-19 policy. Let’s look at the statistics according to the State of Florida. As of February 1, 2021, Lee County as a whole has had 52,262 cases, out of a total population of 779,577. So, 6.8% of residents have tested positive. Sanibel has had 207 cases, out of a population of 7,402, and zero deaths. This equates to 2.8% of the island population with a positive test. Sanibel has a mask proclamation, and the rest of Lee County does not.

Although the vaccine is an amazing advance for science, now is not the time to relax our precautions. The precautions we have taken, although inconvenient, are working. We must remain diligent with mask wearing and limiting indoor gatherings. It’s hard, but we must all remain patient. Let’s continue to build on our success.

Dr. Scott Crater
Candidate for City Council

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  1. Heather s Corey

    I agree completely. The rest of the state of Florida is an example of how NOT to handle the pandemic. Please keep Sanibel and Captiva safe!

  2. Finally, a letter of gratitude for our Council, and particularly our Mayor who has steadfastly insisted we wear masks in buildings on Sanibel. Thanks, Dr. Crater! Many of us don’t thank the Council Members for their foresight and decisions that are made for the well being of our residents. This Island is like a safe paradise from the rest of Ft. Myers and surrounding areas. Thanks! Bea Fulmer

  3. Stephanie W Ferradino

    As a homeowner but only occasional vistior, I have been tremendously grateful for the steps taken by the current administration to keep Sanibel safe. It is the reason I keep coming back during the pandemic. Creating a safe environment for residents, tourists and workers is critical and the council has done a fantastic job. Please don’t roll back the temporarily inconvenient measures until we’re all sure that it’s safe to do so!

  4. Actually my neighbor died of COVID last year, so there have been at least 1 death on Sanibel

  5. marjorie pacheco

    I, too, agree completely…Not only the state of Florida, but most of the country, is an example of “how NOTto handle the pandemic”…Kudos to Sanibel’s City Council!

  6. I personally know 2 Sanibel residents that have died from Covid. Supposably only positive cases are tracked by zip code, not deaths.

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