LETTER TO EDITOR: Why Mary Bondurant for Council

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To the Editor:

My wife and I have fallen in love with Sanibel over the past five years during visits from the Boston area. This year we are spending all winter here in rentals, and we have been guided by Mary Bondurant in looking for a home to purchase. When I learned that Mary is running for City Council I knew she would be a fantastic choice, and I’d like to tell you why.

Mary’s love for Sanibel is authentic and infectious. Earlier this year, when we connected with her by FaceTime to talk about places to rent or buy, she lit up the screen of my iPhone with her enthusiasm and optimism. If we had any doubts about whether Sanibel was the right place for us, she chased them away. Her passion confirmed our own growing connection to the island.

Mary’s vision for Sanibel makes me believe the community can continue to maintain its unique personality and also benefit from innovation and smart decisions on everything from water planning to savvy lobbying in Tallahassee to protect home rule. She sees new families moving here in order to maintain a strong school system. She understands the opportunities for sustainable technology like solar. When I’m old—at 70, I don’t consider myself in that category yet!–I know I will feel at home on Sanibel when Mary’s vision has become a reality.

Back in the day, I worked as a lobbyist at the Wyoming state legislature in Cheyenne. From that experience, I know that people who are positive, who listen to others and who enjoy solving problems make a big difference in how well government works. You want someone with sizzle and love of life to be doing the sometimes-weary work of long meetings, analyzing data, and getting people to work together on difficult challenges. Mary was born for that.

This winter my wife and her sister and I have lived in rentals in three different neighborhoods of Sanibel–Cardium Street, Donax, and now the Dunes. We will drive back to Cambridge, Mass., on April 1 grateful for our time on your amazing island, and we will be back next winter. I hope by then Mary will be serving on the City Council, working hard for Sanibel’s future.

Thank you for giving me a chance to share my thoughts here. And please vote for Mary Bondurant for City Council!

Len Edgerly

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