LETTER TO THE EDITOR: John Henshaw Has My Vote

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I am pleased to endorse John Henshaw for a seat on the Sanibel City Council. John’s many years of experience in the environmental and occupational health and safety industry will serve the city well in the coming years.

He has pledged his support to protect the residents as well as our Barrier Island Sanctuary. His exceptional service in the environmental protection industry has prepared him to assure residents, workers and visitors that they are safe and feel safe in our city.

As a cornerstone of his campaign platform, John has pledged to improve water quality and promote Everglades restoration (CERP, EAA, EO `1920, etc.). In addition, he will address coastal resiliency – sea water rise brought on by global warming and most importantly, preserve wildlife habitat in harmony with residents.

I agree with his goal of encouraging young and diverse families to call Sanibel their home. He has pledged to support environmental stewardship education as well as exploring alternatives to reducing waste, emissions, and human impact on the environment.

As an island small business owner, I am pleased that he has pledged to support island businesses. His willingness to develop policies and practices that are consistent with the Comprehensive Land Use Plan – the Sanibel Plan should resonate with all island residents. All his goals will benefit from his life experience in balancing budgets of significant organizations while operating with a fiscally responsible discipline.

John is committed to upholding the Comprehensive Land Use Plan – the Sanibel Plan and the principles behind it. He is committed to making a difference preserving our sanctuary island and he has the education and experience to tackle the issues threatening Sanibel.

As a member of the Sanibel City Council, John will provide the insight and experience the citizens of our hometown need as we recover from this devastating pandemic. For all the reasons that I noted, John Henshaw has my vote on March 2, 2021.

Bill Letendre
Sanibel Resident

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