LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Vote to Re-elect Richard Johnson to City Council

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To the Editor/Santiva Chronicle –

I write to encourage friends, neighbors and all Sanibel residents to vote to re-elect Richard Johnson to Sanibel City Council. Most residents are aware of the good job Richard has done serving his fellow Sanibel citizens on Council for the past several years. Many are aware of his family’s important role as owners of businesses on the island and their active participation in philanthropy and support of numerous Sanibel civic organizations and cultural programs. Perhaps quite a few have encountered Richard’s positive attitude in the course of interaction with him in one of the above scenarios.

Like most of you I’ve been engaged of late in clean-up, disposal of debris, and the processes involved in rebuilding our island residence. As part of my efforts I’ve made several moves of belongings in boxes and occasioned to run into Richard during the loading process. Despite his responsibilities at a business that was destroyed in the storm, and in addition to his selfless service to all of us as representative on council, Richard’s first instinct that day was to offer to assist in my loading/unloading of moving boxes. I’m fond of Winston Churchill’s quotes on character and one particularly describes Richard in my estimation…”Character may be manifested in the great moments, but it is made in the small ones.”

I’ve also had the privilege of serving with Richard at one of Sanibel’s important non-profit organization a few years back where I witnessed first-hand his leadership skills, tireless work ethic, optimism, and ability to focus on larger goals without losing sight of what the details mean to residents in their daily lives. The above skillsets undoubtedly contribute to his success as a businessman and civic leader on the island and serve us all well in his role as City Council member.

To me, a representative on Council must exhibit keen judgment and informed decision-making while keeping a steady hand on the tiller. Particularly during this unique time post-Hurricane Ian, Richard Johnson is the leader I would place my confidence in for the multitude of tasks ahead as the island community rebuilds. I would strongly recommend a vote for his re-election to continue the important work of council for all of us here in the City of Sanibel.

Norman A. Essey

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