Repairs Done? Don’t Miss The Final Step

by Sarah Ashton, Broker Associate
Ashton Kirchner Group, Keller Williams Realty

Sarah Ashton

Hurricane Ian did us no favors. The damage to property and lives will be discussed and the impacts felt for years to come. What is also true is that there are significant repairs and upgrades being made to many of our island properties. New roofs, new windows, new siding, new air conditioning units, new electrical wiring are just some of the significant improvements being made and the list goes on. All of these repairs needed to getting properties back to being livable again are also repairs that can save you money on your insurance, but you need to take the final step.

After all the work has been done and the final inspections made, consider the possibility of having your home inspected by a licensed home inspector who can conduct a Wind Mitigation inspection and, if your home is over 20 years old, a 4-Point inspection. Both these inspection reports can be submitted to your insurance company to have your insurance re-quoted and potentially save you some money.

The insurance industry has always preferred new roofs and in recent years, any roof – asphalt or metal – that is approaching 20 years old has had a more difficult time binding insurance, if they can at all. Many homes have needed to have their roofs replaced prior to closing on the sale of the home in order to get insurance.

Every circumstance is unique so please, check with your Insurance Professional to better understand how your situation is impacted by the repairs. It is a challenging time for sure but don’t stop before the final, possibly money saving step.

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