SARAH ASHTON: Don’t Wait for New Owners to Infuse Change

by Broker Associate Sarah Ashton, Ashton Kirchner Group, Keller Williams Realty

Sanibel Real Estate Broker Sarah Ashton

As it is for humans, it is for houses and condos- change is good.

When a house or condo is new or recently remodeled – all the appliances, fixtures and decorations are new. It is the latest and greatest and there is a shiny-ness to it that appeals. Just move in and live there. Sometimes, over time, with wear and tear, the property loses its shiny-ness. The paint gets dinged up, the furnishings look worn, the appliances aren’t running very well or breaking down and the entrance is dull and needing to be refreshed. Sometimes it is clearly maintenance and sometimes it crosses into neglect.

This can be especially true when a property is a second home. The realization that things need to be addressed takes longer. Whether that is due exclusively to it being the “2nd home” or whether financially it is just too expensive to maintain two properties – it happens. The property may not get all the attention it needs to remain spiffy and attractive. Unfortunately that realization often comes when the discussion is about selling the property.

Don’t wait to for the new owner! Your property’s value (and your bank account) will reap the benefit of your taking on these projects along the way. Island property is selling quickly right now. We have a market that is eager to buy up properties, even those in need of some T.L.C. When you are ready to sell, the market may not be quite so forgiving. Use this active market this as a reminder of what values can be and take this opportunity to infuse new life into your property so when the time comes to sell – you will come out on top!

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  1. Richard Henry (Sanibel resident)

    Author would provide a valuable service by also making readers aware that many condominiums and neighborhoods have rules and regulations to restrict major renovations during the period between November 1 and April 30, when residents and regular visitors wish to fully enjoy the peace and tranquility of our unique island community. During that peak time, emergency repairs and small (individual) projects may be permitted; however, it is polite and proper to alert nearby neighbors before scheduling contractor work during “prime-time”. Special repairs and minor updates are often started and completed within one or two days. Major renovations that often create weeks or months of disturbance to the community should be scheduled during the “off-season” between May 1 and October 31.

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