SCCF Offers Nature Journaling Workshop at Bailey Homestead

provided to Santiva Chronicle

Long-time Florida Native Plant Society member (FNPS) Elizabeth Smith will lead a hands-on workshop introducing you to the process of nature journaling on Wednesday, March 11, from 1 to 4pm at SCCF’s Bailey Homestead Preserve.

“Illustrating the natural world can be a wonderful adventure and learning tool; when we draw something, we get to know it on an intimate level,” said Smith. “We develop a ‘sense of place,’ a deeper relationship that is complex and hard to describe, but recognized when felt. Being in nature helps us rediscover the child-like sense of wonder and exploration that some of us may have left behind.”

Participants will see different examples of nature journals, a combination of sketches and text, in several styles and formats. We will learn some basic drawing techniques and have the opportunity to practice with some plein air drawing in the field.

Drawing skills are helpful but not required. The goal is to experience the process, to ask questions, to look below the surface, to explore color and line, and to relax in a natural setting.

Those who draw and write about the natural world around them carry on a long historical tradition of curiosity, exploration, and investigation. Throughout history, explorers documented discoveries from other countries, herbalists described useful plants, and gardeners recorded specimens for their beauty. Their drawings and observations expanded our knowledge of useful and beautiful flora, and taught us about the world we live in.

Smith spent her early years in the woods and waters of Iowa developing a love for plants and wildlife that is reflected in her artwork, whether quick sketches or more intensive watercolor paintings. Her goal is to combine nature and art as a way to increase awareness, enjoyment, and stewardship of our natural world.

Meet in the main house at the Bailey Homestead Preserve, 1300 Periwinkle Way. Register through Eventbrite/SCCF; $40 SCCF members; $50 non-members. Call the SCCF Native Landscapes & Garden Center with questions, 239-472-1932.

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