Shell Islands Garden Club Selling Colorful Caladiums

provided to The Santiva Chronicle

Shell Islands Garden Club is selling a variety of colorful caladiums in the Spring as a fundraiser to support island and club horticultural activities. The tuberous plants, priced at a discounted three for $10, may be ordered now until March 6. “Safe pick-up” will be available when the caladiums are delivered during the second week of March.

Caladiums are known for their big, heart-shaped leaves displaying amazing color combinations of white, pink, red and green. They thrive in our hot, humid summer climate and will grow well in full to partial shade. The perennials come back year after year with no need to dig them up for winterization. Each tuber has several eyes that produce the colorful leaves.

“Plant them and forget about them,” said Sandra Dalbec, who is co-chairing the fundraiser with Carol Bytnar. “That is, until you see their spectacular colors exploding in your garden. These caladiums are absolutely gorgeous,” she added.

The garden club is offering five individual varieties: Frieda Hemple, Classic Pink, Pink Beauty, Aaron and Red Alert. For those who cannot decide, there is a mixed color bag available. Complete instructions for planting and care are included with each order.

Shell Islands Garden Club was founded in 1992 to encourages all phases of home gardening, to study the art of flower arranging, to promote better horticultural practices and to help conserve our natural resources. Each year the organization donates the proceeds of its fundraising activities to worthy local nonprofit groups that support the preservation of our island’s native vegetation and wildlife habitat.

For further information, go to the SIGC website. To order caladiums, call Sandra Dalbec at (239) 472-3366 or Carol Bytnar at (239) 472-1410.

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