SURVEY: Important Issues Influencing Your Vote

The Santiva Chronicle is asking island voters what are the issues that will influence their vote in the March, 2 election for three Sanibel City Council members. We will publish the results in an upcoming article. Responses are anonymous.

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  1. Never vote for Jason Maughn!

  2. We have so little beach parking, and yet, the day trippers, continue to come over the causeway, at times, in droves….and ride around and around looking for a space that doesn’t exist.
    Then, they complain loudly that everywhere has more beach parking than we do! Really?!! Perhaps other destinations would suit them better!
    I wish there were a way of controlling the number of cars coming over.
    And…. 2/3 of the Island is Conservation land, which is a main reason we bought here and live here, yet….. does it make sense to pollute our Island, which we work hard at keeping natural and clean, and allow the polluting gas leaf blowers to do what they do …. in addition, the noise is horrible and the smell is pretty strong!

  3. The distribution of COVID-19 vaccine is much to be desired. It just seem more orderly if vaccinations are given through the offices of Primary Care Physicians who know more about the medical status of their patients and therefore able to prioritize those who should be vaccinated. Furthermore, prioritization should be by age groups: 1) 80 years old and above; 2) 70 years old and above, 3) 65 years old and above. Lee Health provides Health Care services to the majority of the residents in Lee County and should be the lead agency, instead of the way it is currently done. The primary care offices will notify patients as prioritized when vaccines become available .

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