Workshop On Strategic Planning For Sanibel’s Future Scheduled

by SC Publisher Shannen Hayes
photo by SC Associate Publisher Chuck Larsen

Councilman John Henshaw

In the Feb. 1 city council meeting, Councilman John Henshaw said he scheduled a town hall-style meeting at the Sanibel Community House. He planned to have a community discussion on strategic planning for the future of the island, as a city and a community.

“We must be looking strategically toward our future,” said Henshaw. “Our focus should be on the big picture, preparing a long-range plan for dealing with issues not yet addressed and challenges we’ll face in the immediate future.”

He outlined those issues and challenges as:
1. Environment – water quality, coastal resiliency, sea level rise, preserving wildlife and alternatives to reducing waste emissions and human impact on the environment.

2. Improving the Community – encourage young, diverse families to call the island home, focus on The Sanibel School, sports programs and environmental stewardship education.

3. Sanibel Plan and City Facilities – policies, practices and systems which support the city’s needs to operate efficiently and fiscally responsible.

“Soliciting and harnessing the collective wisdom of a group is very powerful and, if we use it, a key to our success,” said Henshaw. “I honestly believe we have a lot of intellect in our city.”

After some discussion among council and City Attorney John Agnew, the town hall meeting will be a workshop hosted by the city from 6 to 8 p.m. Tuesday, Feb. 15 at the Sanibel Community House, 2173 Periwinkle Way.

Henshaw said he hopes to hear some of that wisdom at the workshop as “we set our sights on the immediate and long-term future of Sanibel.”

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  1. Melissa Laidlaw

    Great idea. Will there be zoom access for those of us who do go to enclosed public places?

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